Street Team Application

We're looking for dedicated, passionate and motivated fans to join our Street Team.  Festivals are promoted on the ground -- if you're a fan of WTFEST and want to be part of the team.  Apply below.

We're looking for people who are willing to put in the hours to help us cover the region with Posters, Flyers and promotional items as we gear up for WTFEST!  

If you put in the work -- you will be rewarded with Festival Perks.  Not only that, you will be part of our team and we will be forever grateful to you for your help.  

Please note:  Street Team members who don't put in the work, will not recieve the perks -- we have had people in the past sign up and not show up.  We need people who will show up :) 

IS THAT YOU?  If it is... fill out the form below and we will be in-touch.

If you have reliable transportation -- are you willing to drive other street team members with you?